[BRANDED] Best Earphones Under 500 – Top 10 [October 2019]


Best Earphones Under 500 India

Hunting for the best earphones under 500 rupees? You are at the right place 😉

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: 🗣️

Life is not possible today without a good earphone. Or is it? 😅

Well, there is only one problem. Finding the best budget earphones that too at an affordable price isn’t an easy job. ☹️

That is why we have created a list of Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees In 2019. 😎

After researching online, spending hours in testing these earphones and going through the expert as well as customer reviews, I have shortlisted the top 8 cheap earphones which you can buy right now. 😃

Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees 2019

Everyone can buy these earphones because of its cheap prices, especially students who can’t afford earphones at a hefty price. 

So this list will definitely help you to find the best earphones with mic at low-cost with premium features. 😍

However, these earphones are quite good to make it to our list of 8 best earphones under 500 rupees in India 2019. 


Boat BassHead 152

  • 18.1g Weight
  • Super Extra Bass
  • In Line Multifunction Button Microphone
  • Superior Coated Cable
  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Angled Jack

Earphone 2

Realme Earbuds

  • 13.6g Weight
  • Powerful Bass
  • Magnetic Earphones (Built-in Magnets)
  • Durable Cable (Kevlar Fiber Protects Wiring)
  • 3 Buttons Remote With 6 Months of Warranty

 SoundMagic ES11S

  • 9.07g Weight
  • Powerful Bass & Balanced Musical Detail
  • Good Noise Isolation Hear Protection
  • High Performance Microphone
  • Comfortable Fit

Earphone 4

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones

  • Ergonomic Design
  • HD Sound & Punchy Bass
  • Works with all Bluetooth enabled device from all the brands
  • Built-In Mic With Ear Loop For Sports Fit
  • 1 Year Brand Warranty

Earphone 5

Artis E400M

  • 49.9g Weight
  • Dynamic, Ergonomic & Ultra Lightweight
  • Double Layered Ultra High Strength Wire
  • Built-In Mic
  • Clarity, Sharp Sound, Powerful Bass and Dynamic Stereo

Earphone 6

Mi Earphones Basic With Mic

  • 13.6g Weight
  • Ultra Deep Bass
  • High-Quality Silicone Earbuds
  • Aluminium Alloy Sound Chamber
  • Ergonomic Design

Earphone 7


  • 13.6g Weight (Ergonomic Design)
  • JBL True Bass
  • 3.5mm L-Shaped Jack
  • Bright, Trendy, Lightweight & Comfortable
  • One Button Remote Microphone

Earphone 8

Boat BassHead 100

  • 40.6g Weight
  • Crystal Clear Sound & Super Extra Bass
  • In-Line Noise Isolation Microphone
  • Premium Coted Wire 
  • 10mm Dynamic Driver With Speaker

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1. Boat BassHeads 152

Boat BassHeads 152 Review

The first earphone in our list is Boat Basshead 152, and for those who don’t know Boat basshead 152 is perhaps one of the most popular and best budget eaprhones in india, the company is the favorite among pretty much every single music lovers/listeners and has earned itself a lot of reputation among the users.

Before we begin looking at just how good the boat basshead 152, there are some obvious things you should know about this earphone; the boat basshead 152 in a sense it carries HD sound with 10mm drivers which delivers top quality crystal clear sound and help you to accomplish what you have picturized as well as the braided tangle-free cables/wires have tangle resilient features are quite stylish, durable and highly resistant so that you don’t have to waste your time to entangle those irritating wires all the time. 

Let’s go ahead and read some of the technical details of boat basshead 152, and you should know that basshead152 comes with great super extra bass which will help you to boost your mood and wipe out the stress. You will get a 3.5mm of the angled jack which can usually do a better job of handling pressure and eliminate some of the pressure points.

The earphone comes with inline microphones with multi-function button which delivers hands-free communication with high sensitivity and flexible frequency so that you can enjoy the most out of it wherever you go, and metallic finish ergonomics earbuds look quite premium and attractive in this budget. Earphones with mic and volume control.

We won’t be saying that the boat bass head 152 is the best and perfect earphone, it does have some weaknesses like the earphone doesn’t come with the waterproof and sweatproof feature, but it doesn’t mean that it is less capable. I would say in this budget, Boat is offering quite remarkable features that you can’t miss. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the pros and cons.


  • The metallic blue color looks attractive
  • Braided cable increases durability
  • Gold plated jack with L shaped design
  • Bass is not too overwhelming
  • Clear audio and quite loud


  • A pouch or a small carry case would be a great add on
  • No volume buttons


2. Realme Earbuds


The next up on our list is the Realme Earbuds, and in case you don’t know, Realme is perhaps another best company out in the market, and they are doing a great job by producing best smartphones that too at an affordable price, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because it’s simply too good.

This earphone has earned quite good reviews & trust from their buyers in the market by delivering the best features for a pretty long time. It is again a wired earphone just like boat basshead 152, other than this; now you can experience high-quality bass with the help of 11mm of audio drivers which will give you powerful and booming notes. Another best earphones with mic.

Realme did an excellent job in their earphone cables with break-resistant kevlar fiber which protects the wire from getting damaged and delivers top-notch durability, and braided casing makes it feel super-premium and avoid getting tangled every time.

With that said, In case if you are wondering about the good thing that goes into this earphone, well, there are quite a lot. Realme has designed this earphone stylishly and kept changes in mind; ear tips can bend up to 45 degrees, which makes it more comfortable even after long hours of use.  

Here come the unique feature and my favorite too, realme earbuds come with a built-in magnet at the outer side of the earbuds which makes the earphone stable at one place so now you don’t have to hold your earphones whenever the wind blows as realme earbuds can do it all for you.

It also comes with three-button remote including the mic so now you can control your music and attend your phone calls without touching your smartphone. Fantastic, Isn’t it?

So, without any further delay let’s jump into the pros and cons.


  • Durable, Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Great built quality & elegant design
  • Braided Cable
  • Earpieces have magnets on each end (Magnetic buds)
  • Premium & Stylish look
  • Crystal clear sound and decent bass


  • Wire near the buds is slightly thin

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3. SoundMagic ES11S

SoundMagic ES11S Review

You will be surprised when I’ll say that sound magic manufactures only acoustic products as their primary focus is on producing best & quality headphones only, by the way, the name itself tells about the product, so let’s take a look at one of its earphones that is ES11S which is available under 500 rupees.

ES11S, of course, belongs to sound magic you should know that you’d be getting a great earphones that would be filled with all sorts of features and compatible with any of your devices such as tablet, laptop, iPod, smartwatch along with this, ES11S is available in four different colors that are black-red, black-blue, black green and black. 

With that said if you are curious about the technical details, you should know that sound magic ES11S in-ear headphones come with an inbuilt mic which allows you to answer the calls and play/pause the songs at one place with the help of mini remote control.

Talking about its design, sound magic has designed ES11S unique and comfortable fit to deliver performance beyond users expectations. The earphone comes with impressive balanced bass and crystal clear music along with this ES11S has a highly dynamic microphone which delivers realistic voice transmission and also reduces noise in between calls.

If you are wondering about us encountering any downsides, there aren’t any deal breakers here. So, without wasting any time let’s jump into the pros and cons. 


  • Attractive look (distinctive design)
  • Anti-tangle wire
  • Good noise isolation
  • Crystal clear sound with powerful bass
  • Lightweight & Comfortable


  • The design may not please everyone


4. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop Review

Boult Audio foray into the audio products industry managed to turn quite a lot of users; mainly because everybody got excited that their in over-ear headphones, speakers & wireless headphones manufacturer is finally bringing in something different on the table that too at the lowest price, and believe it or not, the foray was a success.

With that said, we are having a look at the Boult Audio BassBuds Loop Earphones, one of the best budget earphones in India available in the market, and certainly made for users who are more slanted towards saving up some rupees and still getting quite a lot in return.

The earphones, as the name suggests, does come with deep bass which delivers extra deep, punchy bass and crystal clear sparky high which is enabled by boult’s neodymium technology and to be honest they are doing quite a decent job & the micro-woofers, as well as the subwoofers, produces crystal clear HD sound.

You obviously get built-in mic like the other earphones listed above which supports HD calling and google voice assistant or Siri at the same time, boult audio bass buds has inline remote control which help users to play or pause or forward or rewind music, voice command, answer or reject or calls at one place that too with the help of small remote which makes your life quite simple. 

Talking about its design, boult audio bass buds has a metallic design which is built from flexible and durable alloy and the ergonomic design of these earphones fits in-ear properly and supports while you are exercising, biking or performing other activities at your top/max performance and the best part about this earphone is its adjustable cable fastener which makes it unique from others in this list. 

Now essentially, the Boult audio bassbuds is definitely a perfect earphone for users who loves to save some cash. So, without wasting any time let’s jump into the pros and cons. 


  • Wires are durable & stylish (Quality Cables)
  • Earpieces have magnets on each end
  • Premium look and feel
  • Great built quality
  • Deep as well as high bass
  • Great sound effects
  • Noise isolation (if you pick the right fit earbuds)


  • For some users it might be a bit heavy
  • Loop (for support) might be uncomfortable for some users


5. Artis E400M

Artis E400M Reviews

We have another earphones from Artis and this time its E400M. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but there is no peripheral list that would be finalized without the inclusion of a peripheral from artis.

Whether you are talking about cabinets, speakers, keyboard/mice or headphones, Artis has to be on the list simply because they are that good, and no, we aren’t just talking about the IT/Retail/Audio peripherals from Artis. We are talking about every single type of peripherals that the company has released in its extended stay in the industry. 

Similarly, the earphone list would have been incomplete without including Artis E400M. Well, there are a lot of good things about E400M, so let’s begin with its design.

Artis did a quite good job in making their earphones dynamic, ergonomic and lightweight which gives a better listening experience to its users and talking about its cable; they look pretty premium which offers the comfortable feel & coming towards the durability of the cable, they are double layered and braided with ultra high strength wire. 

The Artis E400M comes at an affordable price, but for a low cost, you get a lot of features including great sound, remarkable clarity, powerful bass, and dynamic stereo output.

Other than this it comes with 15mm powerful sound drivers which provide impressive bass output and best sound output quality to make your listening experience the best one. The earphone comes with inbuilt mic which supports hand-free calling and audio control with the help of a mini remote.

All in all, artis E400M is the best low budget earphone which comes under 400 rupees. So, without wasting any time let’s jump into the pros and cons. 


  • Braided ultra high strength wire
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight (soft touch premium materials)
  • Additional microphone clip
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Great bass output
  • Dynamic


  • Less durable (if you use roughly)


6. Mi Earphones Basic With Mic

Mi Earphones Basic With Mic Reviews

When Mi actually released the Basic Mi Earphones with Mic, it took the headphones industry by a hurricane, it quickly became one of the best earphones under 500 rupees on the market like their smartphones and till now they are maintaining the same reputation in the market, it actually didn’t cost a lot, and it has everything a user wants and they have earned good reviews from their buyers. It is another best budget earphones on our list.

The company later moved on released a few different earphones as well are Mi neckband, Mi sports Bluetooth earphones. However, Mi earphones basic has won everyone’s heart with its impressive features and low cost.

In case if you are wondering what your money gets you to get the 3rd generation balanced damping system which improves the sound and airflow of the earphones and delivers clear stereo effects which give you ultra-deep bass & due to its aluminum audio chamber you get precise sound quality and good balanced audio experience.

With that said, the design of the earphones is quite ergonomic and make you feel comfortable for long hours, and it fits in your ear canal nicely without getting slipped from your ears even after wearing for extra hours.

The best part that I loved about this earphone is its outer body which is aluminum alloy chamber as it is anodized and helps to prevent corrosion along with this, earphones are a slip and scratch-resistant, and 45 degrees bent AUX jack is quite durable. And like every other earphone in this list. Mi Basic earphones have an inline mic with buttons which supports answer/discontinue the call, change tracks & play/pause your music with the help of a small remote.

All in all, Mi has provided with quite awesome features at this price.  So, without wasting any time let’s jump into the pros and cons. 


  • Aluminum alloy sound chamber
  • High-Quality silicone earbuds
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight
  • Tangle free cable
  • The ear fit is cozy and snug.
  • Good noise cancellation


  • No cons considering its price


7. JBL C50HI

JBL C50HI Review

The next on our list is the JBL C50HI, and before we begin, you should know that JBL is one the best and popular company that manufactures quality audio products and to be honest they are killing it. I think earphones list are incomplete without a JBL product.

However, you should keep in mind that JBL primary focus specifically on loudspeakers, but you should know that they produce audio equipment also, however, today we have JBL C50HI one of the low budget earphones from JBL that is available under 500 rupees and let me tell you that you’ll be getting a lot of features at this price.

A few days ago, along with JBL C50HI, I also bought “JBL Endurance Run Sweat-Proof Sports in-Ear Headphones” for my workout and to be honest earphones are just amazing, and soon I’ll write a detailed review article on it. So let’s continue with JBL C50HI…

C50HI provides great deep & high clean bass which will make your musical journey fascinating, and it is very light in weight which will make you feel comfortable in your ears, and different sizes of earplugs make it even more convenient to use for long hours.

Talking about its design and looks, JBL C50HI has bright with latest trendy colors which make it look attractive and stands out of the box at the same time, its L-shaped 3.5mm jack is durable and connects easily on any devices and deliver you the HD crystal clear sound.

Now command google/Siri without touching your smartphones from the inbuilt one-button mic of JBL C50HI which will help you to manage your calls and commands without any difficulty. 

Keeping it small, there are a lot of good things about the JBL C50HI, and there are a couple of bad things, but considering the company standards, it has become normal. 

So, without wasting any time let’s jump into the pros and cons. 


  • 3.5mm L-shaped jack
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Powerful bass
  • Sturdy & fits perfectly in ears
  • Decent voice cancellation
  • Two extra pair of earbuds (FREE)


  • No cons considering its price


8. Boat BassHead 100

Boat BassHead 100 Review

The last earphone on our list is coming again from Boat, and this time, it’s the Boat BassHead 100. Before we begin, you should know that the BassHead 100, in many ways, can be considered a younger brother of the Boat BassHead 152.

BassHead has earned quite a lot of positive reviews from the buyer compared to basshead 152, it is because of Boat BassHead 100 is undoubtedly the  cheaper option, reduced price and a unique design gives it an identification of its own, and that is undoubtedly a good thing because, at a specific price point, you are getting a earphones that are able to have a punchy, rhythmic & crystal clear audio and improved bass to your favorite tracks with the help of 10mm mighty dynamic driver. So in simple language, users are paying less amount and getting more when it comes to Boat BassHead 100.

With that said, let’s jump into the technical details, the earphone cables are incredibly user-friendly and fashionable because of its superior coating which also makes it durable with the 1.2 meters of cable length which is just perfect. The boat basshead 100 is ‘Hawk’ inspired earphones which are quite eye-catching and looks premium too, as it is the ideal mixture of performance and style. 

Boat Basshead 100 comes with high definition microphone which delivers high-quality crystal clear calls along with this; you can also play/pause your music and answer/reject calls with just one click wherever you go. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the pros and cons. 


  • Clear sound with super extra bass (punchy & rhythmic response)
  • User-friendly, stylish & premium coated cable
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • In line microphones (crystal clear calls)
  • Attractive, Stylish & Unique Design (Hawk Attitude)


  • No cons considering its price


FAQs On Earphones: Quick Questions Answered


1. Does higher price earphones/headphones sound better?

Not necessarily, these days people buy smartphones which cost thousands of rupees but still they refuse to invest in a quality pair of earphones/headphones to use with it. Along with this, let me tell you not all low-cost earphones should be assumed to be cheap/low quality.

2. Which brands earphones is the best?

It completely depends on what type of earphones you are looking for and what are your requirements. But we are very careful with our above-given list of earphones, in simple words the earphones we haves listed above comes from the brand we have tested and trust so you can’t go wrong with our list above.

3. What should we look for before buying an earphone/headphone?

  • Cable dressing
  • Cable length
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Closed Vs Open
  • Bass
  • Price
  • Design

4. What terms we should know to identify the best earphone/headphones?

  • Ear-bud/In-ear headphones
  • On-ear headphones
  • Over-ear headphones
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Drivers
  • Sensitivity
  • Sound pressure level
  • Impedance
  • Frequency response
  • Noise isolation

5. How to get rid of tangled earphones? How to keep it?

  • Very first after using your wired earphones hold the earbuds with your any hand (palm).
  • Then with the help of your four fingers in which you have to hold the earbuds of the same hand wrap the cord.
  • Simply remove the wired earphones from another freehand.
  • Last and too simple use to the extra (remaining) cord to tie the entire earphones and insert the cord in the loop you have just made.

6. Which Earphone brands that provide the best sound quality?

  • Bose (Excellent sound quality, Robust design, Innovative technology)
  • Sennheiser (Moderately priced, Sturdy build quality, Built to last, Distinct look)
  • JBL (Affordable price range, Sturdy designs)
  • Sony (Impeccable quality, Wide frequency range)
  • Skullcandy (Eye-catching design, Good sound quality, Affordable)

7. How long do earphones last?

The average of earphones longevity with regular use is about a year. Longer, if they’re more expensive, but not by much. They either break apart or any one of the sides stops working.

8. Are Bluetooth earphones safe?

Yes, and they’re definitely safer than mobile phones alone. Whether you’re worried about health risks from radiation or distracted driving, Bluetooth headphones or earphones serve to reduce those risks. Bluetooth radiations are safer than the radiations radiated by mobile phones but these radiations to cause dangerous health problems.


Final Words – Wrapping It Up

Significantly, the market of best earphones has a lot of congestion and finding the right earphone that too at a low price is not easy. That’s when lists like these come into play.

This top 8 list of earphones kept in mind things such as the needs of users and how much they are willing to spend on an earphone.

We hope the list helps you pick the best earphones under 500 rupees according to your choice.

Keep in mind; there’s no such thing as a “perfect” component, which is why each earphone is built for the needs of different consumers.

In case you think we missed a good earphone, let us know.

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